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Perfect Summer Treat: Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

brownie ice cream sandwiches

We made these brownie ice cream sandwiches from the fabulous Smitten Kitchen recipe blog this past weekend for a BBQ and they were surprisingly easy and delish! Served with fresh white peaches hot off the grill (halved and sprinkled with a little cardamom and coconut sugar on the cut side before grilling) these are a real crowd pleaser for all ages. I used a straight up organic vanilla ice cream filling and added a third of a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips into the batter before baking for good measure.

Being a primarily vegan baker, I was a little worried about how the brownie would turn out because it’s been years since I’ve used a recipe with eggs! I have to say, this was a great re-introduction into the non-vegan baking world. But I was still curious about trying these with Life Up North’s vegan Super Fudgy Brownie recipe and coconut ice cream.

Image credit: smittenkitchen.com


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