We’re in this together.

meganmiller-inthistogetherHump day illustration inspiration…I can’t remember exactly where I found this one but the file is called “megan miller in this together”. I love this little drawing and it’s so true. When life is as busy and full as it is, or even when it’s spacious and joyful, I’m always, always so glad we’re in this together. It reminds me of the last two stanzas of Lama Tsongkapa’s Source of All My Good: Continue reading


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Love like this.

One of my faves from Wild Belle’s Isles.

My heart’s on fire, You light me up, and I can’t cool down…

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Life is better with you.

I love this! And I love that life with my sweetheart is as joyful, honest and overflowing with love like this video is.

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Make it: Simple Sriracha

ImageAt home, my sweetheart and I usually opt for foods that are less refined, more wholesome or somehow better for the environment. But when it comes to certain specialty items, like condiments, we can’t always find great substitutes.

Hot sauce is at the top of this list. Every so often we’ve been spoiled with home-made hot sauce (from my lovely friends at Three Sister’s Organic Farm) but we’ve mostly resorted to cooking with high quality cayenne instead. (It’s really not the same.)

So when I came across this amazing looking recipe for home-made sriracha today on The Chalkboard, I got so excited. 5 simple ingredients, a short fermentation period and no preservatives – this is looking like it may become a staple in our household especially when the cooler season sets in. Yum!

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Some snaps from Paris…

Rothko in Paris Here’s a curated look of what we did in Paris over the last two weeks. We savoured fine art and food with friends, took in the distinctly Parisian views and, of course, did some fun yoga asanas in iconic public spaces.

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I’ve been painting.


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Mammoth & Co

Pretty fantastic. Artist run and full of beautiful, inspiring pieces, if you’re looking for ideas for holiday offerings, check out Mammoth & Company.

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