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Some snaps from Paris…

Rothko in Paris Here’s a curated look of what we did in Paris over the last two weeks. We savoured fine art and food with friends, took in the distinctly Parisian views and, of course, did some fun yoga asanas in iconic public spaces.

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Lifting Dreams

Minicow Productions is working on their second film on Sri Ram Ashram and it’s scheduled to be finished in the New Year. Check out the teaser for Lifting Dreams, the follow up to Jewel in the Jungle. My favourite parts? The last clip of all the boys showing off their Bollywood moves in the trailer + the individual portraits on the website (a few included above; counterclockwise from top left is Madhu, Anjali, Swati, Parama, Radha + Mahesh).

Lifting Dreams (Teaser) from Barbara Malmet on Vimeo.

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The World’s Moustache Mecca

The Hindi word for ‘moustache’ is moochh and it’s pronounced like the Spanish word mucho without the ‘o’.

I’ve had a long-standing fascination with moustaches and in my opinion, India is the moustache mecca of the world.  From award-winning, desert appropriate, full wax-styles to everyday street casual; the facial hair of Indian men do not disappoint.

35 lovingly, hand-cut paper moustaches don’t disappoint either!  I made these for the kids at Sri Ram Ashram to play with.

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The Sartorialist

From the Lia Bell post on The Sartorialist

If you haven’t seen The Sartorialist yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

Scott Schuman, the artist behind the blog, takes the most sublime photos.  He captures beauty + style with an ethereal, spacious quality.  I especially love the vintage photo contest posts.

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Twenty-three postcards.

First there were five; then eleven; then eighteen; and finally, twenty-three in total.

I lovingly hand-picked and hand-wrote all twenty-three postcards as the requests trickled in. The first five were ready to go four days after our arrival but I held onto them so I could send them all at once.

The morning before we left Mahabalipuram, I walked to the post office in the heat of the day only to find out that they were out of stamps. “Come back tomorrow,” the man behind the large wooden desk told me. “But I can’t come back tomorrow; I’m leaving for Delhi this evening!” I had a brief flicker of an idea… Continue reading

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Indian Banana

There’s an amazing, international South Indian restaurant chain named Saravana Bhavan which I discovered during my first visit to Chennai.  By some sort of angelic coconut chutney miracle, when I arrived home after my trip, a Saravana Bhavan had opened in Vancouver!  My farm friends and I have since renamed it the “Indian Banana”.
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Ganesha emerges.

After much anticipation, I’m finally posting the pictures of Jai’s beautiful Ganesha.  He’s three and a half weeks into the process and is knee-deep in detail work these days.  Enjoy the show!


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