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A Chet and Dot New Year!

New Year blessings and love from me + this owl softie from Chet and Dot.

Amongst other crafty delights, Chet and Dot makes these beautiful softie animals out of felt, fabric and other upcycled materials.  They have the most sublime expressions I have ever seen!

From my heart to yours, may your 2010 be full of…

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penguin & fish

Look, soft! Look, lovely! The soft lovelies from penguin & fish never cease to melt my heart! 

Alyssa, the illustrator and artist behind p&f, designs everything from stationery to embroidery patterns.  And, of course, her sweet cats.  Check her out on etsy + blogspot.

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Laura George + Clevernettle

I love all things LauraGeorge (her real name is Laura Berger)!  She’s an artist and illustrator with many friendly messages of love. 

Check out her blog + etsy store.

clevernettle’s The Billuminati is a collection of nine different portraits of some of the world’s favorite Bills & Williams — from Bill

Murray and Bill Nye the Science Guy to Bill Clinton and Billy Corgan.

It’s pretty awesome.

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The Small Object

Sarah Neuberger’s The Small Object always brings a big smile to my face.  Her small objects are an inspiration – I feel as if my hand-made friends and her hand-made friends could all be pals.

She’s got these awesome ‘Happy Fun Free Downloads’ tucked away in her blog — check ’em out if you’re not inclined to do any real shopping.  But if you are inclined, please support her creative cottage industry business.

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