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Some snaps from Paris…

Rothko in Paris Here’s a curated look of what we did in Paris over the last two weeks. We savoured fine art and food with friends, took in the distinctly Parisian views and, of course, did some fun yoga asanas in iconic public spaces.

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I’ve been painting.


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Mammoth & Co

Pretty fantastic. Artist run and full of beautiful, inspiring pieces, if you’re looking for ideas for holiday offerings, check out Mammoth & Company.

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Let’s be weird together.

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Dr. Seuss

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The handmade connection.

“Handmade is a simple desire to be present and feel more connected to each other.

— Karie Reinertson, the artist behind Shelter (handmade loveliness) based out of Asheville. Read her recent interview on Etsy.

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Empowered + Inspiring

The beautiful Esperanza Spalding covers Lauryn Hill’s Tell Him.

And then there’s the spoken word of Mayda de Valle. There’s something about de Valle that reminds me of the talented Alessandra Naccarato. In my eyes, they’re embodiments of nagyel, the Tibetan term sometimes translated as “divine pride”. It’s a reminder that there’s no reason to act small. It’s a reminder that pride (the kind that revolves around preserving our small selves, limiting egos + artificial labels drawn around us in sand) as well as reverse pride (that belief that we are not good enough, and again protecting our small selves, limiting egos + labels but in a self-deprecating way) serves no one.

Abuela, how did you pray before someone told you who your God should be? How did you hold the Earth in your hands and thank Her for it’s fecundity that the sea wash away your sadness? How did you humble yourself before your architect? Did you lower yourself to your knees or rock to the rhythm of ocean waves like I do. Grandma, some say faith is for the weak but I search for faith everywhere…We are all truly miraculous. – Mayda de Valle

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Picture Book Report

Illustrator Meg Hunt, along with 14 other talented artists, have come together to create Picture Book Report, in what they describe as “an extended love song to books.”  With their creative re-illustration of some iconic childhood favourites, I think they’ve really succeeded.  They provide fresh, new glimpses of the stories that played out in my imagination as a little girl.

Meg Hunt did her Picture Book Report on Alice.  Check out her full portfolio here.

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