We’re in this together.

meganmiller-inthistogetherHump day illustration inspiration…I can’t remember exactly where I found this one but the file is called “megan miller in this together”. I love this little drawing and it’s so true. When life is as busy and full as it is, or even when it’s spacious and joyful, I’m always, always so glad we’re in this together. It reminds me of the last two stanzas of Lama Tsongkapa’s Source of All My Good:

Bless me, grant me that
The spiritual Guide
Who shows me this good road,
And all my true
Companions in this quest
Live long and fruitful lives.
Bless and grant me that
The rain of obstacles,
Things within me
Or outside me
That could stop me now,
Stop and end forever.

In all my lives
May I never live
Apart from my perfect Lamas,
May I bask
In the glory
Of the Dharma.
May I fulfill
Every good quality
Of every level and path,
And reach then quickly
The place where I
Become myself
The Keeper of the Diamond.


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