Why are you so muppet-y?

‘Muppet’ is one of my favourite words because it’s like puppet but with an ‘m’ (O, Homer Simpson!)

It really is one of my favourite words but mainly because it’s fun to say and it’s a strong cultural reference for North American children of the 70s and 80s.  Many of the people in my life know what I mean when I describe something as ‘Muppet-y’ — or even better — the moment we realize we all have a ‘Manimal’ or two in our lives!

Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

Anyhow, when I searched for Muppet images, I found this one (pictured left) of Roosevelt Franklin on Muppet Wiki.  Yes, Muppet Wiki!  A self-proclaimed ‘enthusiastic Muppet Wikiteer’ has created Muppet Wiki where you can find out anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Muppets!  My favourite part?  The ‘Random Muppet’ button that brings up all kinds of crazy characters like Stalks, Cookie Monster’s Sister and the Koozebanians.

I have no recollection of any of these and, to be honest, I didn’t realize Sesame Street characters were considered part of the Muppet Family.
Interesting. Ridiculous. Muppet-y.


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