DIY: The Deluxe Happiness Toolkit

Over the years, I’ve developed an emergency ‘cheer-me-up’ toolkit that I use when life is kicking me in the butt.  It really works.

Curious about what’s in it?  Well, it’s pretty simple; it started out as two silly pictures of dogs dressed up in ridiculous Halloween costumes stored on my work computer.  I don’t know how many times Yoda Dog + Pirate Doodle saved the day!  Too many to count!

The toolkit has since expanded to include Cute Overload, art from Etsy and random e-forwards of unlikely baby animal friends or kittens acting as crazy kittens do.  Recently, I found a new blog that is going into the toolkit.  It’s called 1000 Awesome Things and it’s AWESOME.  I particularly recommend this post on All-You-Can-Eat Buffets and this one on Long Hugs (the illustration from Monsieur Cabinet is equally as awesome, included above).

I think having the ability tap into our very own, customized toolkits is an important skill for times when life gets hard (it’s not an ‘if’, it’s an inevitable ‘when’).  Now I don’t think this particular toolbox of mine counts as the full meal deal but with a few extra tools + techniques, it’d be pretty amazing.

Three things I’d definitely add to the deluxe happiness toolkit would be what my teacher, Lama Yvonne, so clearly laid out for us this past weekend at a Bliss-asana fundraiser.  Here they are:

STEP 1: Take care of others.  His Holiness the Dalai Lama is always teaching this.  I like to think about the part in How the Grinch Stole Christmas where his heart grows three sizes larger when I’m feeling the glow of truly being able to help someone else.  When we care for others, our hearts open.  When our hearts are open, we feel happy.

STEP 2: Do yoga or your version of yoga.  Some sort of outer body method (for the physical body and breath) to get everything in the inner body more subtly tuned.  When you have an outer body, physical practice of some sort, it helps you breathe, move and feel better.  When we feel better, we feel happy.

STEP 3: Practice being happy by just being happy.  The more we exercise our happiness muscles, the stronger they get and the more likely they are to win an arm wrestling match against your irritation muscles, your impatience muscles or your negativity muscles.   When we get used to being happy, we feel happy.

Now if that doesn’t work, you can always see who today’s Daily Puppy is.



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5 responses to “DIY: The Deluxe Happiness Toolkit

  1. kate

    you are an inspiration and YOU are going in my happiness toolkit!

  2. jen

    this is so awesome joni! so much could be better for so many if they all had a toolkit! your wisdom and HUGE HEART are certainly in mine.
    love you lama joni,

  3. Neha! big big big biiiiiiiiiiig hugs to you!

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