Oh, India!

Sweet lime soda time.

My first week in Southern India has been full of sunshine, dal and drawing. Jai spends most of his time chip-chip-chipping away at learning stone sculpture. Sometimes I sit with him to watch the progress and to watch all the people who come by, both Indian and foreign, fascinated by the friendly American stone carver working alongside the locals.

The last line says: “We are specialist in Metallic Bronze Makeup”
Le Change Unisex Makeovers really know what the ladies want for our “night clubbings”. I hope the internets will let me check out their website.
And Mr. Danger ‘Stache here is having a moment with his gun, his fine ‘stache, his stylin’ bullet belt and his analog watch. Oh and his brahman string. He’s also a man of God!
We saw this framed picture at one of the local restaurants here on Othavadai Street.

Our rooftop view from the Sri Manoj Guest House.  There’s an oceanside temple off in the distance.

Mahabalipuram is a fishing and traditional sculpture village. Both industries are still alive and well and a large stretch of the beach is covered in fishing boats.



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3 responses to “Oh, India!

  1. If you’re bored one afternoon you should go get the smokey eye look!
    त्वां कामयामि (I love you)!

    • nehaworkswellness

      I love you too.

      Le Change Unisex Makeovers is located in Chennai, a 1.5 hr taxi ride away! Maybe on our way to Delhi…


  2. Betsy

    Oh yum, how I miss the sweet lime sodas of the south……drawings look good.
    Shiva Ratri is tonight, so I plan to head to the ocean and possibly dunk myself at Cloverpoint…..I miss the Ganges…..Jai Sita Ram!!!!

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