Beginnings and endings

Late into the evening, the blazing music from a nearby ‘marriage function’ serenaded us to sleep with Bollywood hits and American hip-hop. It was a festive occasion complete with a fireworks display for the newlyweds. I was delighted. It felt as though they had extended a loud invitation to everyone within a ten block radius.

And then early this morning, the tail end of our morning sadhana practice was punctuated by the beats of distant drumming. “Wedding season is in full swing”, I thought to myself.

We soon learned from a neighbouring stone carver that there was a more solemn occasion for the drumming. A local man had committed suicide in the night. It’s late afternoon now and the drumming continues, getting louder with each passing hour.

It’s a sad day.

We also found out that a friend of Jai’s stone carving teacher, Mani, lost his wife to brain tumour today. She was 28 and a mother of two young daughters, a toddler and a two week old. My heart cringed as we watched them return from the hospital. The taxi door swung open and the widower emerged with a sweet looking toddler. He was followed by an elderly ma cradling a tiny bundle and I caught a brief glimpse of two little feet in delicate yellow socks.

Let’s remember to hold Loved Ones dear and close.
Let’s remember the fragility of life.
Let’s remember what’s important and how precious our time on this Earth is.

“Pain is part of life. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Yogi Bhajan


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